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Gaba: A Good Option for Teaching English in Japan?

Looking for a flexible and liberating career in ESL? Look no further than Gaba English School in Japan. As an independent contractor, you can create your own schedule, choose your preferred location, and work with adult learners rather than children. With hundreds of lessons available and minimal preparation time, teaching at Gaba provides a unique experience for those seeking flexibility and adventure while teaching in Japan.

Additionally, working with adult learners means engaging with a diverse group of individuals, each with their own unique background and experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Gaba English School offers flexibility and ease of entry into an ESL career, with independent contractor positions and acceptance of non-native English speakers.
  • The employment process involves an application, phone interview, orientation, 2nd interview, and a 3-day certification, but a degree is not required if you have a valid working visa.
  • Gaba focuses on teaching adults, offers 6-month renewable contracts and helps with housing, and teachers can request their location and move to a different location if an opening occurs.
  • However, Gaba’s teaching conditions and methodology should be weighed out before making a decision, as there is minimal preparation time, but building up a regular client base can be difficult for new teachers, and the base salary is low with little upward mobility.

Requirements for a job at GABA

To teach at Gaba, you need to meet some basic Japanese requirements for teaching English, such as having a fluent command of English, being able to work independently, and having a desire to live and work in Japan – depending on your VISA status a degree may not be required.

Minimum requirements:

  • Fluent command of English (spoken and written)
  • Commitment to at least one full six-month contract term
  • Availability to attend three-day Initial Certification in full
  • Proficiency in using a computer

Visa support requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or above from an accredited university where English was the medium of instruction OR three years of verifiable full-time ESL teaching experience
  • Availability to teach with Gaba for two full contract terms (i.e. 12 months)
  • Minimum earning requirement of 250,000 yen per month
  • Proof of enrollment in National Health Insurance at the time of contract signing

Preferred requirements:

  • University degree
  • CELTA, TEFL, or TESOL certification
  • Prior ESL/EFL teaching experience
  • Experience working in a corporate setting
  • Availability during peak hours of operation

Depending on your visa status, you may also need to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, or three years of verifiable full-time ESL teaching experience. Gaba can provide visa sponsorship for eligible candidates who commit to teaching for at least two full contract terms.

Gaba offers a competitive earning potential and a professional support system for its instructors. You will also have access to a rich variety of teaching materials and online learning resources. You will receive initial certification and on-the-job training to help you deliver high-quality lessons.

You will also have regular counseling sessions to monitor your progress and provide feedback. If you are passionate about teaching English and want to experience living in Japan on your own terms, Gaba might be the perfect choice for you.

See: https://www.gabateachinginjapan.com/requirements/ for more details

Employment Process

If you’re interested in working at Gaba English School, you’ll need to go through an application process that involves a phone interview, orientation, a second interview, and a three-day certification.

  1. Phone interview: Answer questions about your experience, qualifications, and availability.
  2. Orientation session: Attend a session to learn about Gaba’s teaching methodology, classroom management, and administrative procedures.
  3. Second interview: Teach a demo lesson to a group of students during the interview.
  4. Three-day certification course: Complete a course covering Gaba’s teaching materials, lesson planning, and teaching techniques.
  5. Employment confirmation: Upon completing the certification course, you’ll be ready to start teaching at Gaba English School.

Note: The entire process can take two weeks to two months, depending on your availability and the demand for teachers.

The phone interview is the first step, during which you’ll be asked about your experience, qualifications, and availability.

If you pass the phone interview, you’ll be invited to attend an orientation session to learn more about Gaba’s teaching methodology, classroom management, and administrative procedures. This is an excellent opportunity to make sure you feel comfortable with everything expected of you.

After the orientation, you’ll be invited to a second interview, during which you’ll be asked to teach a demo lesson to a group of students. If you pass the second interview, you’ll be given a three-day certification course covering Gaba’s teaching materials, lesson planning, and teaching techniques.

Once you complete the certification course, you’ll be ready to start teaching at Gaba English School.

Teaching Conditions

You may find it challenging to build a regular client base as a new teacher at Gaba, and being presentable may increase your chances of getting more bookings.

As an independent contractor, you are subject to evaluations by your students, which can affect your ability to retain them as clients. Additionally, since classes are not guaranteed, and teachers must be available for walk-ins, building a steady client base may take some time.

To further understand the challenges of teaching at Gaba, consider some of the pros and cons:

Flexible scheduleLow base salary
Minimal preparation timeLittle upward mobility
Independent contractor statusNo health insurance or pension
Ability to request locationSix-month probationary period
Offers sponsorshipOnly ten days of paid holiday in the first year

Despite the lack of benefits, many teachers at Gaba enjoy the flexibility and independence of the job. 

Other Considerations Before You Take a Job at GABA

Considering all factors, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate whether teaching at Gaba is the right choice for your career goals and lifestyle.

While the flexibility and ease of entry into an ESL career might be appealing, some considerations should not be overlooked. Here are some things to keep in mind before deciding to work at Gaba:

  • Swings in Salary: While pay is based on merit, it’s important to note that the base salary is low, and there’s little upward mobility. Teachers may experience fluctuations in their income, as classes are not guaranteed, and teachers have to be available for walk-ins. Countermeasures need to be taken to handle the swings in salary.
  • Competition at Gaba: Gaba is highly competitive, and building a regular client base can be difficult for new teachers. Moreover, being decently good-looking can help teachers get more bookings, which can be a disadvantage for those who do not fit the traditional beauty standards. It’s essential to be prepared for the challenges that come with the job.
  • Additional Expenses: Teachers bear all expenses in getting to their school. Health insurance and pension are not provided, and there are no bonuses. The probationary period is six months, and only ten days of paid holiday are given in the first year. These factors need to be considered and evaluated before making a final decision about working at Gaba.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any opportunities for professional development or advancement within the company?

Gaba English School offers mentorship programs and skill-building workshops to help you develop professionally. While there is little upward mobility, these opportunities can enhance your teaching skills and make you a more competitive candidate in the ESL job market.

Can teachers choose the specific level or type of students they want to teach?

You can express your Teaching Preferences and select the type of students you want to teach at Gaba English School. This allows you to tailor your schedule to your interests and strengths, creating a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

What support or resources does Gaba offer for lesson planning and curriculum development?

Gaba offers lesson planning tools and teacher training programs to support curriculum development. Their hundreds of lessons at various levels help minimize preparation time. However, as an independent contractor, you can customize your lessons.

How does Gaba handle scheduling conflicts or cancellations for both teachers and students?

When scheduling conflicts arise, Gaba offers scheduling flexibility for teachers and students. Cancelation policies are in place to ensure fairness for all parties involved. As an experienced institution, Gaba prioritizes detail-oriented management to support their teachers and students.

Are there any opportunities for cultural immersion or language exchange with Japanese locals outside of teaching at Gaba?

To immerse yourself in Japanese culture and language exchange meetups outside Gaba, visit local events such as festivals and art exhibits. Join language exchange groups or attend events hosted by Meetup.com.